Gaziantep University Students Demand the Right to Return to University #gaünhukukmağdur

Students of Gaziantep University Faculty of Law assembled under the hashtag #gaünhukukmağdur. Students state that the online examination system might unfairly affect their exams scores and they demand that their complaints be heard. 

Students -who expressed their demands for the online exam under the same hashtag before the final term- state that the return back system has been promised, but no changes have been made in practice. Students state that they cannot answer the questions in the exam due to the lack of internet infrastructure. They demand the right to return, which is given to the  other faculties of the university, be applied in other exams in their own faculty. They want the examination system to be changed in  order not to experience any more problems. 

* #gaünhukukmağdur:  Students of Gaziantep University are aggrieved.

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