TOBB ETU Students Want Justice: “The Pandemic Is Not Our Fault!”

TOBB Education and Technology University students try to announce their demands and problems by saying “we want justice” against the online examination  system.

“It is thought that we are robots, not humans.”

The students started a social media campaign with the hashtag #TOBBETÜAdaletİstiyor * and made this statement: “ We have many problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We cannot learn efficiently from distance education, and we experience many hardships imposed on us. Students are thought to be robots, not human!”

The students’ problems :

* We have the right to look at any question once, we can’t leave it blank and nor correct the mistake later.

* Even if there is a connection problem, the exam continues. 

* Students are asked to open the camera and show themselves and their home environment.

* Exam conditions -such as using a dictionary-are made more difficult than usual.

* The answers are asked to be written in handwriting and uploaded to the system by converting these answers into PDF format within 10 minutes after the exam.

Everyone is treated as if they were on equal terms, but they are not!

The students state that the real situation of the students is not taken into account when forming the examination conditions. “Every student’s conditions are assumed to be equal, but we know that this is not true. We want a fair exam. ”

The campaign carried out under the label of  #TOBBETÜAletletİstiyor shows that the tweets of the students and the responses to the violations of rights at other universities are similar: “Trust your students, We are students not clients…” In many universities, students are trying to make their voices heard against the violations of rights in online education and examination processes.

*TOBBETÜAdaletİstiyor: TOBB (Turkish Union Of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges) Economy and Technical University -students- want justice.

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