Who We Are

Civic Space Studies Association is an independent human rights institution established by a group of young human rights defenders in October 2018. Our aim is to protect and broaden civic space.

We fight against all forms of discrimination against race, language, religion, color, gender, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, bodily diversity, and disability. We specifically encourage women, LGBTIQ+ individuals, and young people to be the priority subject and participants of these studies. The components of the board reflect this pluralism and diversity. Priority is given to the inclusion of women and LGBTIQ+ members on the association’s board of directors.

We aim to carry out projects on accessing public space, to produce artistic and cultural work as well as defending freedom of expression, assembly, and association.

For this purpose, we will carry out research (data collection, mapping, field research, surveys, report), organize seminars, workshops, conferences, panels, carry out campaigns, and use all kinds of advocacy tools.

We are always open to collaborate and to develop projects together with all non-governmental organizations, platforms, networks, and associations working in the field of human and civil rights and in line with the charter and objectives of our association.

We prefer to support and contribute to the work which is already being carried out in the same field for the efficient use of resources instead of producing a new project.

We are a community of human rights defenders who believe that change must begin from the self.