İTÜ and YTÜ Students Do Not Want to Suffer the Consequences: #İTÜseçmelipassfail & #YTÜhazırlıksınavı

One of the measures taken under the pandemic was the transition of universities to an online education system. With the start of distant education, students first brought up the issue of access to education. Students complained that everyone was assumed to have a good computer and sufficient internet access. Another issue that students who take the final exams complain about is the exam conditions and exam marking.

Students of Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) express their problems about the exams under the hashtag # İTÜseçmelipassfail.* The students state that this examination system causes unjust grading. They want the pass-fail system to be implemented to prevent any more problems due to the lack of equipment and infrastructure. English preparatory students also state their demands for the preparatory exam, conditional pass and compulsory English courses for the same reasons.

Yıldız Technical University (YTÜ) preparatory class students also express their requests for the English Proficiency Exam (IYS) of the university under the hashtag #YTUhazırlıksınavı**. Students state that taking the IYS online will lead to injustice. Students stated that the evaluation of the whole year will be based on this exam and they  want the exam to be postponed or to be offered a conditional pass.

Students state on social media that they do not want to be victims of a lack of infrastructure and equipment.

* #İTÜseçmelipassfail: (Pass/Fail: The system where the student chooses Pass or Fail grades instead of the letter grades of the course they has passed)
** #YTUhazırlıksınavı: YTU preparation exam