CSSA Weekly News Summary, March 8-14

Students Union publishes a report on Boğaziçi Protests: “It’s Up to All of Us Now!” 

On March 7, the Students Union published a report (in Turkish) on the emergence and aftermath of the Boğaziçi protests. The report presents a chronology of the events with testimonies of the detained students as well as opinions from  various civil society representatives, including Civic Space Studies Association. 

March 8th International Women’s Day Across Campuses: “Solidarity Grows!”

To mark the day, our colleague Ezgi Sevinç wrote an article (in Turkish) on women student’s demands and their activities on campus to ensure gender equality and to resist sexism and heteronormativity. 

12 women detained in house raids following the March 8 Feminist Night Walk

In the early hours of March 11, 12 women who had joined the March 8 Night Walk, were detained during house raids by the police. There are university students among the detained. The indictments for the detention are listed as “insulting the President” with the slogan “If you don’t jump, you are Tayyip (Erdoğan, the President)”. The protestors’ “rhythmical jumping” was claimed to be incriminating evidence by the police. Six others had been detained in different times following the Night Walk.

Student solidarity groups joined the social media campaign to support the detained women, under the hashtag #8MartaDokunma (#DontTouchthe8thofMarch). In the later hours of the day, friends and supporters of the detained protestors organized a press statement in front of the Courthouse, where the protestors were brought for a preliminary hearing. All protestors were released after the hearing on various conditions. 4 people were released on judicial control with a travel ban, 13 were only given a travel ban and one underaged woman was placed under judicial control.