CSSA Weekly News Summary, March 1-7

Indictments demand 3 to 8 years prison sentence for 10 students 

Indictments were prepared against 10 students who were previously detained  for their involvement in the Boğaziçi protests. The prosecutor demands up to 8 years prison sentence for Beyza Buldağ, who is alleged to use the Boğaziçi Solidarity twitter account. The open letter to President Erdoğan published on the account is among the criminal evidence listed in the indictment. The students who organized the art exhibition within the scope of protests were arrested previously and now face up to 3 years in prison on the charges of “inciting the public to rage and animosity”.

Common statement from university clubs and groups: “We will not let you establish women-only universities!” 

On the evening of March 1, women, women+ and LGBTI+ initiatives of various universities published a joint statement against the government plans to establish women-only universities. The statement is titled “The new name of the Palace’s assaults: Women’s Universities!”. The groups refuse the isolationist and segregationist structure of the women-only university project. They suggest that these universities “are a product of the policies to assign gender to individuals and to ignore the LGBTI+s”. 

Civil Pages Interview with our project director Berna Akkızal

The director of our project titled “Freedom of Expression on Campus”, Berna Akkızal gave an interview to Emel Altay from Civil Pages (Sivil Sayfalar) about freedom in universities, student rights and systems of university governance. Akkızal emphasized the role of the students and academics in the decision making mechanisms of the universities and stated that these two vital parts of the universities are entitled to be represented in the administration.  

CSSA’s Interview with Ela Evliyaoğlu from Go-For

Go-For, the Forum of Youth Organizations, is an umbrella organization of initiatives working for the youth, with an experience spanning over 15 years. Our colleague Osman Gönülveren interviewed Ela Evliyaoğlu on the activities of Go-For and how youth organizations were affected by COVID-19.