Journalist Burcu Karakaş’s Article Series on University Students: “I am a political science student, I can’t even express myself in class”

Burcu Karakaş started writing a series of articles titled University Students Tell their Stories in Deutsche Welle. The first of the series focuses on the issues regarding the freedom of expression in universities across Turkey.

Karakaş has also interviewed Berna Akkızal, the coordinator of our “Freedom of Expression on Campus” project:

“ Civic Space Studies Association’ has been carrying out a survey titled ‘Freedom of Expression on Campus’ and its coordinator Berna Akkızal states that the students can not use the university facilities even when they get the opportunity to form clubs. Akkızal also points to the fact that he students face losing their scholarships and right to dorms when they exercise their right to freedom of expression or of assembly due to the disciplinary sentences. She says ‘There can be financial costs to exercising your freedom of expression’.”

You can read Karakaş’s article here.

* Photo from the Deutsche Welle archive