The Freedom of Expression on Campus Project

As the Civic Space Studies Association, we have been working on the freedom of expression, assembly and association as well as on supporting rights defenders and creating support mechanisms since 2018. We celebrate the second year of  the foundation of our association.

We launched our “Freedom of Expression on Campus” project to strengthen the student activism and to contribute to its sustainability at universities in Turkey last year.

We were dreaming of reaching you, the students and student groups across Turkey, bringing you together to cultivate a network of solidarity between you and your fellow students.

We met with students from Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Eskişehir, İstanbul, Van, Hatay, Mardin, Mersin, Adana, Konya, Bolu and said: “ A democratic, egalitarian, non-discriminatory and free campus is possible!” We talked with you about how your rights are violated, the physical conditions of the campus are not suitable for assemblies, the limited budgets allocated to the clubs, the abuses on the campus, and the ungrounded disciplinary investigations. In the face of these difficulties, we had discussions about the  students’ solidarity, the fight of the communities to establish clubs, the struggle of the LGBTI+ students who have never given up on saying “we are here!”, the dormitory rights reclaimed, the solutions  against obstacles and the power of being together.

What we do: 

* We monitor national media and archive student news,

* We bring the violations of students’ rights to the forefront, we support the students’ social media campaigns and the circulation of these campaigns,

* We publish the Student News Bulletin every two months,

* We conduct online meetings with student clubs and communities,

* We organize webinars and trainings based on the needs of students,

* We produce video contents and interviews about the students’ solidarity 

* We carry out surveys and interviews with students to identify violations of rights and the needs of the students,

* We provide legal consultancy and support to students in disciplinary investigations and litigation processes,

* We follow the ongoing cases of the students who have exercised their right to expression, association and assembly,

* We  prepare video campaigns for the ongoing  trials  of detained students and for the imprisoned students’ right to education.

Our guiding  principle is “the campus is a civic area and it is for the students”.

Contact us to share your  experiences of  rights violations and  achievements with us and to support us.

You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can follow our website, and subscribe to our Youtube account.

With solidarity!