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What Does Bozok University Want From Students?

Yozgat Bozok University students complain about the rules of the online education system. In addition to many exams, quizzes and assignments for each course, there is an obligation to attend all courses and forums. “We don’t have time to breathe!

A Social Media Campaign

Students organized a social media campaign with the hashtag #BozokÖğrencidenNeİstiyor*. Stating that online courses are already inefficient, students ask why such a difficult system has been established.  The hashtag ranked fifth in the Turkey Trending Topics list. Students from different universities who have similar problems also tweeted to support Bozok University students.

“The Courses Are Already Inefficient”

Students say that online courses are often interrupted by technical problems. Stating that assignment and exam conditions are too challenging for them, the students asked the authorities, “Do you not want us to continue our education?” The students state that they can make their voices heard on social media, but that the authorities remain indifferent to their demands. The functioning of the evaluation system was explained to the students in a detailed message. According to this system, students  are expected to take all the exams and to do all assignments. However, the students  express that being at home does not mean being in front of the computer 24/7 and that this system will make their education far too challenging.


* #BozokÖğrencidenNeİstiyor: What does Bozok University (administration) want from students?