38 students Were Detained At YÖK Protest

University students in Ankara came together to protest the Higher Education Council (YÖK) on the 39th anniversary of its establishment. YÖK was established as a part of structural transformations during the September 12th Military Coup in 1980. The Student Collectives‘ members chanting the slogan “YÖK should be closed, universities should be opened” were attacked by the police. The students were taken into a police van. 35 people were detained after the protest. Three members of the Women’s Collective -one of them a university student -who came to Konur Street (1) to request the release of their friends were also detained.

Four students detained for participating in the YÖK protests were released from Gazi Mustafa Kemal Hospital after their health check up, as a part of the standard police procedure. Depositions of other detained students were taken by the police. University students continue to express their demands and protest under the hashtag #YÖKistifaÜnisokağa (2) following the anniversary ceremony of YÖK.—————————————————————————-

(1) Ankara Konur Sokak is the symbolic area of the liberal approach and culture and arts where bookstores, cafes and NGOs are located.
(2) #YÖKistifaÜnisokağa: YÖK should resign, students should take to the streets.