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KYK System Has Malfunctioned

Students cannot get their credits and loans due to an error in the Credit and Dormitories Institution (KYK) system. The students notified the authorities about this situation. They were asked to submit a written petition so that the problem could be resolved within 30 days.

A student shared their experiences on social media: “On October 1st, 2020, the students could not get their scholarships due to an incongruity between the university’s and the YÖK’s (Higher Education Council) databases. I talked to the school administration, they said that they have updated the system. I called KYK (Credits and Loans) Hotline and they also said that the system was updated, and that it will be fixed in November.”

However, the problem was not resolved, the student who could not get their scholarship referred to KYK again: “They  said that the situation could not be fixed as the system was not updated in October.”

The student cannot benefit from the scholarship provided by KYK due to this problem in the system and the scholarship amount is deposited as credit. This has caused the student to be indebted.

Waiting For Two Months

KYK requested a petition with an ink signature from the student who had been waiting for a month and stated that the problem could be solved in 30 working days.

Due to the system problem in KYK, many students’ scholarships were  converted to loans without any notification. Although students have tried to reach the authorities by all means, a great number of students’ problems have not been resolved at the time of writing.