The Rooms of KYK Dormitories Are Used For Quarantines But What Will The Students Do?

Governorships in some provinces, including Afyon, Çankırı, Sakarya, Sivas, Düzce, Kayseri and Elazığ, decided to keep Covid-19 positive patients who do not comply with the quarantine rules in Credit Dormitories Institution (KYK) dormitories. It is not yet clear what will happen to the students and their belongings in these dormitories.

The Ministry of Health sent a letter to Higher Education Council (YÖK), and recommended that university education should be continued online as much as possible rather than a hybrid model. Although many students have voiced their demand for hybrid education on social media, most universities will give education online. However, students with practical courses will continue to go to universities. In this case, students who were previously studying in KYK dormitories face the question of where they will stay.

Sakarya University’s KYK Dormitory will also be turned into a quarantine zone within the framework of pandemic measures. The university administration sent a message to the students and stated that they should take all of their  belongings with them, otherwise the administration would not take responsibility.

In the KYK Dormitory for female students in Elazığ, pandemic patients stayed in the rooms where the students’ belongings were left, but this information was not given to the students. Students staying in the dormitory are asking what happened to their belongings on social media.

In this process, we would like to ask KYK, YÖK, and the relevant governorships:

1- During this period, what will happen to students and their belongings who need to stay in KYK dormitories allocated for Covid-19 Positive patients?

2- Are there any other KYK dormitory rooms being allocated to Covid-19 patients without informing the students, as in the case of Elazığ? If so, what measures are going to be taken against rights violations there and when will students be notified of this process?

3-  What will happen to the belongings of students who live in another city due to the Covid-19 pandemic and cannot get their belongings ?