Özyeğin Committee: We Are Coming!

There are two widely discussed issues among students as the new academic year starts: The education methods during the fall term and the increase in the tuition fees of foundation universities.

Many foundation universities have increased their tuition fees for the new academic year. Students started social media campaigns demanding the withdrawal of the increases under the hashtags #OnlineEğitimdeZamOlmaz, #YeditepeİndirimYap, #YeditepeliHakkınıArıyor. 

“The pandemic cannot be turned into an economic opportunity!”

The Özyeğin University administration increased the tuition fee for the fall term by 12% and announced that dormitory and transportation scholarships will not be awarded to students. After this statement, Özyeğin University students stated that tuition fees cannot be raised when the university is offering online education, the increase should be withdrawn  and the scholarships should be returned immediately. 

Students from the Özyeğin Committee convened in front of the Özyeğin University Rectorate building on Thursday, September 17th at 15:00 to address the university administration and announce their demands.