Sabancı University Students Object

Sabancı University (US) is one of the universities that decided to continue distant education in the fall term of 2020-2021. The university administration announced the decision regarding the dormitories as follows: “The dormitories would be closed during the fall term except for a small number of students who have no other options rather than to stay in the dorm rooms.”

Following this statement, Sabancı University students protested the university administration raising tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year. Stating that the expenses of the university would decrease due to the online education of the fall term, the students emphasize  that they cannot benefit from the campus facilities and therefore the increase of term fees should be withdrawn.

SU Students express their demand for the rearrangement of the tuition fees under the hashtag #SabanciÜniHoldingDeğil* on Twitter.

*#SabanciÜniHoldingDeğil: Sabancı University is not a company