The Trial Exam That We Could Not Try

The Yıldız Technical University (YTU) English Proficiency Exam (EPE/ IYS) will be held online on July 13th. Before this exam, a trial exam was held. YTU students experienced infrastructural problems such as a collapse of the system, disconnection and loss of time during the trial exam. Students demand the necessary precautions to be taken in order to prevent similar problems in the IYS exam.

YTU students have expressed their requests regarding the IYS under the hashtag# #YTUhazırlıksınavı (YTU preparation exam) in the past weeks. The students posted that not all the students could access the technical equipment and that there could be infrastructure problems during the exam. For these reasons, they requested the İYS be postponed or a conditional pass be provided. The students state that the university administration did not hear their requests. They want the problems that arose in the practice exam to be corrected immediately and they continue to voice these demands under the hashtag #YTUhazırlıksınavı.