Student Campaign Prevented Injustice against 1 million students: Summer School is Opening at Anadolu University

The Senate of Anadolu University had decided not to open a summer school, but students at the Open Education Faculty opposed this decision and forced the opening of the summer school. The students are now struggling for their right to hold 3 course exams, which had previously been  removed.

University Senate Decision = This is abuse

There are approximately 1 million students enrolled in Anadolu University Open Education Faculty. Many  students were expecting to graduate after attending the summer school. Thus, they opposed the decision for the summer school to be removed. The students stated that they had done preparatory procedures such as job applications, taking the Civil Service Selection Examination (KPSS) and registering with other institutions. 

The students stated that this decision taken at the last moment would make many students lose opportunities. They tried to make their voices heard by organizing a social media campaign under the hashtag #1MilyonÖğrenciKıyımı. The students expressed their objection to the Deanery of Anadolu University by emails and telephone calls. The students stated  that they think the decision was made in order to receive extra fees. 

The students used the phrases “University Senate decision = this is abuse” and “You can’t trade education, we are students” in the images they prepared for the campaign. After seeing growing support for the protest, the administration of Anadolu University announced that the summer school will be opened. 

The right to retake  compulsory courses is being removed 

The Anadolu University Administration decided to open the summer school, however, this time,  removed the option to retake up to 3 compulsory courses. Without retaking these exams students who have reached the graduation stage but have not passed all mandatory courses will not be able to graduate.  The students are trying to make their voice heard on social media with the hashtag #3DersSınavımaDokunma (Don’t Touch My 3 Exams).

The students reused the phrase “Given rights cannot be revoked” which they had used in their social media campaign for opening a summer school, and say that removing the 3 course exams also means revoking given rights.