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KTÜ (Karadeniz Technical University) students express their problems during online exams under the hashtags # ArtıkYeterKTU (This is enough KTU! ) and #GeleceğimizleOynamaKTU (KTUadministration, take your hands off our future!). They want the problems, such as insufficient exam duration and lack of technical infrastructure, to be solved.

The examination duration is insufficient

KTU administration determined that the online exam duration would be  approximately 35 to 50 minutes. As technical courses are given at KTÜ, students say that this length of them is not sufficient for most of the exams. Students oppose exam duration restrictions, a measure against potential cheating. 

“The transition between questions takes 30-40 seconds, if we can reach the next question.”

Exam questions are offered with 6 options. Transition between questions takes longer than usual due to the lack of technical infrastructure. Thus, the insufficient time to answer questions is shortened even more. In addition, the system does not allow the students to turn back to the previous questions. Students are frequently disconnected during the online exam as they pass from one question to another, but the exam time does not stop.

When Internet access is available, the submitted already questions are missing

When the connection is interrupted and then reconnected due to problems in the system, the questions that the students have already completed and submitted so far appear incomplete. Thus, students experience a loss of time and have to answer the previous questions again after each connection problem. However, since the system does not allow students to return, they cannot answer the questions they previously submitted. The exam time continues,  so there are students who can only answer 6 of more than 20 questions on the exams. 

Despite all these difficulties, the university administration aggravated the conditions: One correct answer will be decreased for every four wrong answers and the exam passing score has been increased from 15 to 60 points.