The Request for Privacy in Exams: #GTÜÇözümİstiyor

Gebze Technical University (GTÜ) students express their requests under the hashtag #GTÜÇözümİstiyor. The university administration has made it obligatory for students to use a camera during the final exams. The students want this decision to be revoked due to the violation of the right to protect personal data.

After the students’ reaction, the GTU administration announced that the obligation of using a camera in the final exams will be left up to the departments’ own initiatives. After this explanation, the obligation to use cameras has been revoked in many departments, but the obligation continues in other departments such as computer engineering, electronic engineering and architecture. The GTU students emphasize that the university administration does not take responsibility regarding the issue. They demand that this practice be halted in all departments of the university. The students stress that the protests of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) students resulted in success and stated that the prejudication on the Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK) should also be applied for GTÜ. 

*# GTÜÇÖzümİstiyor : Gebze Technical University (students) want a solution.