İÜHF Students: “We Prepared an Exam for Our Teachers”

University students have objected to the online examination system from the very first day. The students of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law objected to a final exam at the university, and the online examination system came up in their agenda again.

Within the framework of the principles determined by YÖK, each faculty has the initiative to decide on which method to use in carrying out an exam at Istanbul University. The Faculty of Law announced that the final exams will be held online, with open-ended questions and in cursive. The students would answer the questions on a plain paper by handwriting in the given time and upload the photographs of the paper to the system within 15 minutes after the exam.

The Civil Procedure Law final exam was held recently. On the exam at the Faculty of Law, 120 minutes were given to the students. Within this duration 8 sample cases were introduced on the exam, 28 open-ended questions and 3 decision reviews were asked. The total length of the questions was about 7 pages. 

Students of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law Want Justice #İÜHFAdaletİstiyor

Students of Istanbul University Faculty of Law (İÜHF) started a social media campaign under the hashtag # İÜHFAdaletİstiyor after the exam, and they expressed their objections and requests.

“We have an exam for you”   

The students emphasized that the exam was not fair, that it contradicted with the principle of equality, that it violated the constitutional right to education. The students prepared a “counter exam”, a text designed similarly to the question on the İÜHF final exam and exemplified the case they experienced. They requested the teachers to evaluate the case. It was expressed in a humorous way on the posts of the students: “The exam  was 120 minutes , but since we are  fairer than teachers, they do not need to answer by handwriting.” 

Socialist Lawyers Club: “We want justice in exams. Hear our voice, fulfill our demands!

Socialist (Toplumcu) Lawyers Club, making studies within the body of İÜHF, made the following statement after the exam: “The time given for the Civil Procedure Law final exam was two hours. And in this exam, 28 questions and 3 decision reviews were asked based on the 8 sample cases in 7 pages. The exam time was not proportionate to the length of the questions. Due to this measure against potential cheating, students could not answer all questions in a timely manner. Students demand a  reasonable exam duration and number of questions suitable for the online exam. We want justice in the exams. Hear our voice and fulfill our demands! ” As a result of the efforts of the students, the Dean of Istanbul University Faculty of Law announced that the 15-minute paper loading time is increased  to 30 minutes. However, the students state that the system was closed at the 15th minute in the exam held the next day.