About KYK Scholarships and Loan Cases with Baran Kaya

The scholarship that our association’s lawyer, Baran Kaya,  had received from KYK during his university education was converted into a loan and he had not been informed about it. Baran had filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the debt. Filing the lawsuit  gave hope to the  university students and graduates, and led to the questioning of the system that caused students to start their life after graduation as a debtor. Many university students and graduates- whose scholarships are converted into loans- still have large debts which they did not plan.

 At the meeting the Civic Space Studies Association held on Wednesday, June 3rd, at 19.00 on Zoom, Baran Kaya answered the questions of university students and graduates, based on both his own litigation process and other cases he followed.

We share this recording of the meeting with students, hoping that it will be useful for everyone. The video is in Turkish without subtitles but you can send us an e-mail for further questions if you have any.