Students at the İÜ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Won: Audio and Video Will Not Be Recorded

The Istanbul University (İÜ), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Administration had announced that microphones and cameras would be opened during the online exams for safety reasons. 

Students opposed the decision  by stating that it would violate basic rights such as safety and privacy. The students who organized a social media campaign with the hashtags #İUEczacılıktaHaksızlıkVar* and#İÜEczacılıkHakkınıArıyor* won their struggle. The faculty administration stated that students with technical equipment shortage can use tablets or mobile phones, and the necessity to use cameras and microphones has been removed in online exams. 

The struggle continues

These were not the only problems that the students expressed in their social media campaign. The campaign continues, in order to ensure the removal of restrictions  such as not being able to turn back to the same question and each question being timed.

* #İUEczacılıktaHaksızlıkVar : Injustice in İÜEczacılık  (Istanbul University FAculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

*#İÜEczacılıkHakkınıArıyor: İÜEczacılık (students) are looking for their rights.