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Protests Against the Online Education Continue!

The protests against the decision of online education and usage of state dormitories for earthquake victims continue. 

Following the decision made on using state dormitories for the earthquake victims, several dormitory administrations started taking action on the eviction of the students. Different initiatives working on the rights of the students report that the student’s belongings are packed in garbage bags, and the students are expected to pack their belongings and leave the dorms within three days after the decision.

On the other hand, the student victims of the earthquake lost their computers in the disaster and now are in the need of new ones. According to Progressive Lawyers Association (ÇHD), some technology markets are raising the prices and benefit from this situation.

Another group that can experience a violation of rights is the students who are working. With the eviction from the dormitories, the working students are left with two options: they either have to leave the city and quit their jobs or rent a house, which is quite challenging due to the current economic crisis. Another question is whether the students must keep paying for the dorms they are not staying in anymore.