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“Does This Damage the University Again?”

After the 6th of February earthquakes affecting 10 cities in Turkey, many people lost their homes. As a solution, the President of Turkey, Erdogan, announced that the earthquake victims would be hosted in state dormitories. After online semesters due to the pandemic, university students are again forced to have an online semester. Thus, students all over the country are experiencing hardships, even if they were not affected by the disaster firsthand. 

There are many hotels, guesthouses, and state and privately-owned houses that could be used for the victims, instead of state dormitories. The conditions of the dormitories are already inadequate for the students, which makes it harder for families to live there. The bunk beds, shared bathrooms, and poor infrastructure are only the tip of the iceberg.

The online education system had many negative effects on students during COVID-19, such as limited social space, psychological effects, and lack of access to the internet and necessary technological devices. In addition, the quality of online education is not satisfactory for many students.