Citizen Journalism and International Protection Mechanism on Campus Workshop for University Students

The Civic Space Studies Association is arranging workshops of Citizen Journalism on Campus and International Protection Mechanisms within the scope of student activism and the promotion of freedom of expression on campus. The workshop will be held in December and January with the facilitators Beyza Kural (reporter) and Baran Kaya (lawyer).

At the Citizen Journalism on Campus Workshop, how university students will report the violations they experienced on campus, what should be considered in the language and writing of the news, and what can be done to make the news accessible will be discussed. At the International Protection Mechanisms Workshop, domestic legal remedies and international law mechanisms that students can apply against the violations of rights will be discussed.

The workshops we will hold with the support of the Swedish Consulate are open to all university students who continue their undergraduate education. The duration of the workshops is 4 hours in total and participation in each workshop is limited to 25 persons. Audio and video will be recorded in the workshops with the approval of the participants. The workshop dates in December are listed below. You can mark the convenient date for you at the form. 

1. Workshop: December 16th-17th  18.00-20.30
2. Workshop: December 20th  11.00-16.00
3. Workshop: December 23rd-24th  18.00-23.00
4. Workshop: December 27th   11.00- 16.00

After the workshops are completed, a work tour will be organized for only the participants to apply. In the tour, important centers on human rights in Europe will be visited. Participation is limited to 10 people. Details will be shared subsequently.

Workshops will be held in Turkish.

For your questions, you can reach us at