Bilkent University Students Have Won: #BirlikteÇokGüzelsinBilkent

Bilkent University students’ fight against the decision to hold the exams face-to-face resulted in a victory. The university administration announced that the senate decision dated December 2nd was canceled. The midterm exams will be held on the dates announced at the beginning of the term under the conditions deemed appropriate by the academicians. 

Subsequently, the students started to share the hashtag #BirlikteÇokGüzelsinBilkent (We are beautiful together Bilkent University). Referring to the importance of fighting together, the students declared December 6th as Bilkent Solidarity Day

Bilkent University students continue to celebrate the Bilkent Solidarity Day under the hashtag #BirlikteÇokGüzelsinBilkent. A student recalling the power of solidarity shared as follows: “… December 6th is a first in the history of the university. We must keep this day alive through the Student Council and communities. We showed everyone, especially the senate members, that we can resist together. ” Bilkent Solidarity Network, which supported the campaign actively shared : “We would like to thank Bilkent University for this student-friendly decision, to all Bilkent students who have shown their strong and determined solidarity and who seek their rights tirelessly, and to everyone who made our voice heard by supporting us.”

What Happened?

Bilkent University midterm exams were held face to face. Subsequently, the university administration announced that the final exams will be held face to face, and that they will get the necessary permission from the government  for students who are currently subject to curfews. Upon this announcement, Bilkent University students started a campaign on Twitter.

First, students started to share their experiences in the midterm exams under the hashtag #BilkentCoronaYayiyor (Bilkent University spreads Coronavirus) and  they continued to tweet  demanding the removal of the final exams. You can read our news here, which includes a short interview about what was experienced in the midterm exams.

After this campaign, the students shared their request to  the removal of the decision to hold the final exams face to face under the hashtag #EgitimDegilCinayet (This is not education, it is a crime). Bilkent University students and Atılım University students who will take their final exams  jointly posted their demands to the removal of face-to-face exams under the hashtag #EgitimDegilCinayet.