Online Course System Collapsed at Pamukkale University: #PAÜDersleriKaydet

Pamukkale University’s online course system “Pusula” collapsed on the first day of its use. The system gave errors while students were logging in.

Under the hashtags #PAÜDersleriKaydet (1), #Pamukkaleüniversitesi (2), students share how the live course system collapsed in the first minute  with no possible way to reconnect. In light of the online system’s crash, students who cannot physically attend the courses demand the participation requirement be changed.

As stated in their social media posts, students entering the “Compass” system face the “Student Integrity Agreement” before attending to live courses. With this agreement, the students promise  to obey the rules such as not duplicating or copying the courses and following rules on academic ethics .

Pamukkale University students demand that the courses be recorded so that they can be watched again, that the live course system is reorganized and improved, that systemic crashes do not occur, and that changes are made in the attendance condition.


(1) #PAÜDersleriKaydet: Pamukkale University (administration) should record the courses.

(2) #Pamukkaleüniversitesi: Pamukkale University