Medipol University Offers Limited ECTS #MedipolSınırıKaldır

The fall semester started on October 5th, 2020 at Medipol University. Students continue to select graduate and undergraduate courses. At the beginning of this semester, the university administration made changes in the course credits that students can choose as a part of an undergraduate  double major program. The system, which allows double subject major program students to take 30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in previous terms, gives double major students the right to only take 18 ECTS this year.

Students share their problems under the hashtag #MedipolSınırıKaldır (1) and state that their graduation will be unfairly prolonged due to the 18 ECTS limit. By saying “We are students, not customers!”, they state that the university should support the students. They demand the removal of the 18 ECTS rule and an improvement in the course selection of students enrolled in the double major programs.


(1)#MedipolSınırıKaldır: Medipol University should remove the ECTS limitation.