Hacettepe University SKSDB: The Dormitories Should Be Evacuated

Hacettepe University Department of Health, Culture and Sports* (SKSDB) has made an announcement on June 16th that the students who stayed in the dormitories should take all their belongings and empty their rooms by taking an appointment between June 22th  and  July 10th. SKSDB has mentioned that they would not be responsible for the belongings that were not taken after the duration. SKSDB stated the reason for the decision was in accordance with distant education held during the spring term due to the pandemic. 

After this decision, Hacettepe University students shared their complaints and requests on social media under the hashtag #HacettepeÖğrenciniKoru(*) and mentioned that this decision endangers public health. A student’s tweet on the subject is as follows: “While millions of people are at risk, while social distance and hygiene rules must be followed, hundreds of students are called to get their belongings in Ankara as the administration states  ‘we do not take responsibility’”.

Response to the supplementary decision: The virus will not be transmitted when the duration is extended by one week

Considering the students’ complaints, SKSDB has announced a supplementary decision stating that the duration was extended until July 17th. The university mentioned that until this date students’ belongings will be kept safe by taking necessary precautions. Hacettepe University students continue to mention that extending the duration is not a solution under the same hashtag**. A student who reacted to the universities failure to protect students during the Covid-19 pandemic shared a sarcastic tweet: “Now the the duration is extended by one week the virus will not be transmitted” 

The tweet of a student who stated that the supplementary decision endangered the whole society is as follows: “Extending the time is not a solution. The virus can spread from a single person. A large number of students traveling intercity will not only affect the students.”

Students of Hacettepe University want this decision to be withdrawn and the promises of their belongings remaining safe in the dormitories be kept.

* Hacettepe Üniversitesi Sağlık, Kültür ve Spor Daire Başkanlığı (SKSDB): Hacettepe University Department of Health, Culture and Sports 

** #HacettepeÖğrenciniKoru: Hacettepe University should  protect students.