ITU Students Address the University Administration: #İTÜÖğrencineGüven

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) administration has declared the conditions for taking the final exams and the preparatory class passing exams. Students will have to use a microphone and a camera during the exam. The students, who are unable to access the equipment, were offered to “take the exam elsewhere”. 

ITU students announced their complaints and requests on social media under the hashtag #İTÜÖğrencineGüven. A student mentioned that the distant education was initiated due to the pandemic and tweeted: “I think the ITU administration sometimes forgets the pandemic. Do people need to deal with this many things while there is a pandemic? Do students have to find camera + microphone + computer?”

Istanbul Technical University students continue their social media action under the hashtag #İTÜÖğrencineGüven and they demand that the decision be amended for the benefit of students.

*#İTÜÖğrencineGüven: ITU (administration) should trust students.