YTU Students: Online Summer Schools Should Be Opened

Yıldız Technical University (YTU) students took action on social media and demanded the university to open a summer school in order to avoid another loss of rights caused by the pandemic. 

According to the information provided from YTU students, summer classes  were not being opened under normal conditions in YTU. However, courses taken by students from other universities’ summer schools were being accepted under appropriate conditions. Under  the pandemic conditions, many universities did not open summer schools or accepted only students who were studying at their own university and this situation led to the victimization of YTU students. Students also told Civic Space Studies that the summer school application, which is quite expensive even under normal conditions, is too expensive for students suffering under financial difficulties in the current pandemic conditions.

Students who try to make their voices heard on social media with the hashtag #YTÜYazOkuluİstiyor (1), demand that the special conditions of this year should be taken into consideration and an online summer school should be opened in YTU.

(1) #YTÜYazOkuluİstiyor: YTU wants a summer school.

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