Students Continue to Struggle under the Pandemic at İTÜ


One of the main problems for university students during the pandemic is rights violations caused in online education and exams. İTÜ students boycotted private businesses and canteen on campus last term and established a student cafeteria and they continue to their boycott this Spring term as well. İTÜ students announced their demands through social media actions inviting all İTÜ members to act together.

         Their (the students’) demands are:

1. Introduction of an optional pass-fail system

2. Before the exams to be held in formal or online education, all course records should be opened retrospectively and the materials uploaded to the system

3. If an online option is to be offered, the same exam should be accessible  on three different dates in order to avoid any problems.

4. Providing internet access for students if an online exam option is offered.

5. To be able to benefit from the pass-fail system from the date of application, if a reason is declared

6. Opening the summer school, online or formally under appropriate conditions and necessary measures

7. Making arrangements for the duration of the courses and the starting hours, without any changes in the credits depending on the demands of the faculty members.

8. Opening all courses during the summer term, in order to avoid the intensity that may occur when formal education restarts

9.  An extension of students’ right to stay in dormitory during this period

10. University management decisions to be more transparent and involve students in decision-making processes

*İTÜ( Istanbul Technical University) should be united