Students Take Action Both in Social Media and in Front of ÖSYM* Building “Let the YKS** Exams Be Postponed!”

The university entrance exams  (YKS) originally planned for 20th and 21st of June were postponed to 25th and 26th of  July due to Covid-19. However, later on, it was announced that the YKS exams would be held on 27th  and 28th of June. Students reacted to this situation on social media. From the first day of the announcement of the decision, students started hashtag actions on social media using hashtags such as #YKSErtelensin (1) #ErteleKiBayramOlsun (2) #YKSErteleVirusuYayma (3), and these hashtags were on Turkish social media trend lists every day. Last week, students made a press release in front of the Üsküdar ÖSYM building which is used as an examination center. They were carrying a banner: “Does not the pandemic affect students too? #YKSErtelensin”. In the press release, they stated: “Our demand is very concrete and clear: We do not want to take the exam before the virus threat disappears. We do not want to choose between our future and our lives. We want the YKS exams to be done in healthy conditions. Two and a half million students and their relatives have only one request: Cancel the decision to take the YKS exam earlier, postpone YKS! ”

*ÖSYM: Öğrenci Seçme ve Yerleştirme Merkezi/ Student Selection and Placement Center
**YKS: Yükseköğretim Kurumları Sınavı/ Higher Education Institutions Exam

(1) #YKSErtelensin: Let YKS be postponed
(2)#ErteleKiBayramOlsun: Postpone and then it will be a fest.(3)#YKSErteleVirüsüYayma: Postpone YKS for preventing virus to spread