Agenda of Students: #BizÖğrenciyizMüşteriDeğil* and #ÖdenemeyenKYKBorçları**

During the covid-19 pandemic, university students are experiencing additional problems. However, even under these conditions, students are developing action methods to solve their problems. One of these methods is using #hashtag campaigns. In this way, they are both announcing their problems to other social groups and inviting them to show solidarity while also exercising their freedom of “expression” and “assembly” under the current conditions of increased social media interaction. Two hashtags by university students took place on social media in the past week. One of them was the #BizÖğrenciyizMüşteriDeğil* hashtag initiated by students at foundation universities. More than five thousand tweets were sent to this hashtag and it took part in Turkey trend lists. The Foundation Universities Committee, organized by students from foundation universities, reminded the public of their pandemic conditions through this hashtag and made three requests: 1) Summer school should be free 2) Spring term fees must be returned 3) No fee increase in the next term.

Another hashtag action was carried out by using the hashtag #ÖdenemeyenKYKBorçları.** With this hashtag, the students drew attention to the large companies whose taxes were deleted under pandemic conditions, so they demanded the deletion of student loans. There were also longtime signature campaigns and civil disobedience actions on this subject. In addition, a legal struggle on student loans continues.

*We are students, not customers
** KYK (Credit Dormitories Institution) debts which cannot be paid.