Open(The)Space is a workshop series organized by Civic Space Studies Association in collaboration with Nonviolent Education and Research Association. Through the workshops, with the actual participation of you participants, we hope to open the space “allotted” for our use in our social lives. The workshops will take place every month at kargART with the theme “discomfort”.

What we expect to do is to express the discomfort of our shrinking space through art and to expand the boundaries of the spaces we come together in.

In the regions, cities, streets, offices, houses we live in; what causes us discomfort?

The first medium of the workshop series is photography and the first guest is Denef Huvaj.

On our photography workshop we would like you to take photos which includes an object or a situation which deforms your sense of security, makes you feel anxious or uncomfortable and send the photos to us. It can be a dark overpass you have to walk on every day, an outfit you feel you would be harassed for wearing, a display or a sign…

Photography measures your distance to objects and your communication with them. It guides you on where you stand. With the help of your photos, we will discuss our hesitations, distances and factors that make us feel under pressure as well as photography itself.

You may send your photos to prior to the workshop date.

Open(The)Space is at 19:00 on February 19 in kargART!