CSSA Weekly News Summary, March 22-28

As the Spring Term began, Boğaziçi University students staged a 6 day boycott. The students were also organizing the Resistance Festival for the 6 students who were still arrested for participating in the Boğaziçi protests (Since then, 4 of them were also released. update: 31.03.21). The festival took place between March 22-29 at the campus and online.

İstanbuLab Science, Culture and University Study Group has launched a collective work to compile a bibliography of all studies conducted in Turkey on universities, including boks, articles and reports. The collective is made up of Aybike Alkan, Balacan Ayar, Duygu Kaşdoğan and Onur Arslan. The group has put the bibliography in online circulation and wrote “Solidarity with those fighting for a democratic and autonomous academia in Turkey”.

Three students who were arrested on February 4 in Kadıköy during the protests in solidarity with Boğaziçi have been released on March 22. The students Koral Hacıbeyoğlu, Akın Karakuş and Necmettin Erdem had been detained for more than 40 days. 

On March 24, the Office of Public Prosecutor completed the indictment regarding the students detained during the Boğaziçi protests on February 2 in Kadıköy.  The prosecutor demands up to 10 years imprisonment for three students and up to six years imprisonment for the remaining 20 students.

On March 25, the Boğaziçi University administration launched a disciplinary investigation for two students for hanging a rainbow flag on the university gate and a banner protesting AKP on the walls. On the same day, some of the students gathered at the campus to show solidarity with their friends who are investigated. Police surrounded the students and violently intervened. 4 students were detained on the grounds that they were carrying a rainbow flag. 24 students were detained in total. Detained students were brought to Çağlayan Courthouse on March 26. Police attacked the students who gathered in front of the courthouse to make a press statement. 52 students and a journalist were detained. All of the students were released.