11 students arrested in protests against the appointed rector: Release Koral!

This piece is a translation of our news published on February 10, 2021.

Students continue to be detained, arrested and put under judicial control as they expand their protest against the appointed rector Melih Bulu at Boğaziçi University. On February 10th, Bilgi University student Hasan Koral Hacıbeyoğlu was arrested. Koral had been released once only to be quickly detained again and placed on preliminary hearing under the prosecutor’s orders. Within the 38 days of the protests, 11 people have been arrested, including Koral. 

Following Koral’s arrest, students started protesting under #KoralıSerbestBırakın (#ReleaseKoral) and #ArkadaşlarımızıSerbestBırakın (#ReleaseOurFriends) hashtags to show solidarity with the 11 arrested students. Student solidarity groups established during the appointed rector protests say “We are enraged with yet another arrest. The only solution is to help grow the struggle against this repression. We will stand by each other to get the Boğaziçi protestors back from the hands of injustice, we will not compromise!”.