18. Day Prostest in “We don’t want an appointed rector!” Protests

Protestors gathered in Kadıköy for the protest against Melih Bulu’s appointment as a rector at Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University. Boğaziçi Solidarity invited everyone who wants to support the solidarity to Kadıköy Waterfront at 17:00. In their call, the solidarity group wrote “It is not only the Boğaziçi students whose rights are violated” and invited “young people whose wills are ignored, Kurdish people whose municipalities are run by appointed trustees, labourers in dire poverty, women who are othered and denied basic rights, LGBTI+s and many others” to support the protest from outside the campuses. 

The solidarity group’s call did not go unrequited. Many student groups such as the Koç University Solidarity, Yıldız Technical University Solidarity and Assembly, Istanbul Technical University Solidarity, Galatasaray University Solidarity and individual students came together in Kadıköy and chanted “We don’t want an appointed trustee!”