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Çukurova University Students Object: #CukurovaÜniKarariGeriAl

Çukurova University students objected to the university administration’s suggestion of freezing enrollments. The administration suggested the students who disapproved of the administration processing their personal data to take the exams face-to-face. The administration also suggested the students who do not accept face-to-face exams can freeze the enrollments in the fall semester.

Twitter Campaign

The students try to make their voices heard under the hashtag #ÇukurovaUniKararıGeriAl (Çukurova University administration should withdraw the decision). The students state that this decision would be dangerous for them in the pandemic.

“The University Should Stand With The Students”

Sharing that there are many problems experienced in the distant education system, students state that this application would also cause new problems. The students addressed the administration by saying “The university should stand with students!” and requested that the decision be withdrawn immediately.

The students stated that their needs should be taken into account in matters such as educational method, course content and exams. Regarding the unexpected decisions made by the administration without prior informing the student body, students continue to use the slogan “Siz direndikçe biz daha da mücadeleye sarılıyoruz!” (The more you resist, the more we fight!)