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August 2020, Swedish PEN/Opp

You can find this newly published article “New Perspectives on Free Expression in Turkey During Covid-19”, written by our assistant manager Zeynep Serinkaya Winter from here.

“In Turkey during the pandemic hundreds of students have been forced to move back home to their families, entailing a risk for those who have other values than their parents or are otherwise exposed in their homes. Many students on programmes where students need to have an income on the side, have lost their jobs. And all at once, in order to take part in the tuition, it is necessary to have one’s own computer, which far from everyone can afford. And while the physical meeting places disappear, the censorship on social media increases. The Civic Space Studies Association works to enhance political engagement and activism at Turkish universities and its assistant manager, the postgraduate student Zeynep Serinkaya-Winter, describes the impact of the corona pandemic in Turkey from a student’s perspective. “