11th METU Pride March: The flag was hung despite everything!

For days, the 11th METU Pride March has been targeted by a group within the university, the Rectorate and the pro-government media. This year’s march was organized under the theme “We Rebel” and the students said they would march despite the bans.

A large number of plainclothes and uniformed police were deployed on campus ahead of the march, which was to start today (June 9) at 16.00. Students around the Physics lawn and the library, the starting point of the march, were harassed and pressured to disperse on the pretext of the unlawful ban email sent by the Rectorate. Students who were not going to participate in the march were told to enter the library. At the time of the march, the police surrounded the Physics building.

Before the march had even started, the police started detaining students waiting in the library. The students chanted “In spite of hate, long live life!” and “Don’t be afraid, shout out, there are queers!”.

Against the torture of the students who were detained before the start of the march, the students took video footage and documented these moments while chanting “There is torture on campus!”.

Many students were forced to lie on the ground and handcuffed behind their backs. Students who wanted to take video footage were also attacked by the police.

Despite all the detentions, attacks and blockade, the trans flag was hung in METU Mathematics Department.

Students came together after the attack and organized the 11th METU Pride March with the slogans “Where are you my love? I’m here my love!”.