Students of Gebze Technical University: #GTUDoesNotWantCamerasOn (#GTÜKameraİstemiyor)

Gebze Technical University published its regulations to be followed during the fall term finals. The university administration announced that the online exams are to be recorded and that the students will be obliged to keep their webcams and microphones on. The regulations were announced 5 days prior to exam dates. 

Gebze Technical University students launched a social media campaign against this obligation. The students are voicing their concerns about the possible rights violations under the hashtag #gtükameraistemiyor (#GTUDoesNotWantCamerasOn). The students note that not all of their peers have access to the necessary equipment or infrastructure and demand that the exam rules be changed to include every student.

A student, whose name is not disclosed for security reasons, studying at Gebze Technical University sent an email to the Rectorate and Dean’s office, demanding the regulations be changed. The email is now in circulation on social media under the hashtag campaign.