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Avrasya University Students to the Administration: #AVÜWeDontWantFaceToFaceExams

The Avrasya University administration decided to conduct face to face final exams in the fall term. The Avrasya University Senate’s unanimous decision dated January 06, 2021 stated that the final exams of undergraduate and masters degree programs, resits and graduation exams are to be held face to face on February 15. 

Following the Senate decision, Avrasya University students shared their opinions about the decision on Twitter. The students came together under the hashtag #AVÜyüzyüzesınavistemiyoruz (#AVÜWeDontWantFaceToFaceExams) and demanded the administration to revoke its decision due to the risks associated with COVID-19 pandemic. The students also stress that these exams will cause them  financial difficulties as they will be forced to travel to the exam sites and pay for accommodation.