Yeditepe University Students Oppose Decision on Final Exams: #YeditepeFinalleriOnlineYap

Yeditepe University administration announced that the preparatory final exams will be held face to face. Students have begun a social media protest against the university administration which up till now has been employing online education due to the pandemic.

After the decision, Yeditepe University students launched a campaign on Twitter. Students have posted their requests that the face-to-face exam application be removed under the hashtag #YeditepeFinalleriOnlineYap (The exams should be held online at Yeditepe University). Students fear that face-to-face exams will lead to dangerous consequences under the pandemic. In addition to stating that social distancing cannot be controlled during exams, the students also pointed out  that the decision will cause financial problems. They state that travel and accommodation expenses are being overlooked by the administration in such a difficult period, and demand that the preparatory final exams be conducted online.