Women Students Are Forced to Testify: “If You Do not Cooperate, You May Be Sued.”

On December 15th, 3 women students from Trakya University Women’s Collective were called by the police and summoned to testify. The women students were told, “The prosecutor launched an investigation regarding the November 15th International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. You have to come and give a statement” and they were forced to testify without an attorney.

The students who went to the Provincial Police Department in order to testify learned that an “information note” was mentioned and that they were not suspects. Students whose requests for an attorney were rejected faced the threat that if they did not cooperate before and after the “statement,” they could be sued and reported to their families. The statements taken were recorded in the form of an ” information statement report”.

According to the Women’s Collective, 3 more students were called and summoned to testify afterwards, and the students were detained by different police officers and subjected to psychological pressure in separate rooms. The students stated that they will fight against these unlawful practices.

Stating that the oppression against the women’s movement continues at Trakya University, feminist students mentioned that they will not give up the fight: You cannot prevent the rebellion of women. These unlawful oppressive policies cannot deter us. As women we all resist and we will win.