Boğaziçi University Students Address to the Administration: #BounÖğrenciniDinle

Boğaziçi University (BOUN) students object to the university administration’s decisions applied within the scope of distant education. The students want  a pass/fail* grading system to be applied at Boğaziçi University and have started a social media campaign. 

BOUN students came together on Twitter under the hashtag #bounogrencinidinle (Boğaziçi University Administration, listen to the students) to express their demands  for courses, homework and exams, especially for the application of a pass/fail system.

Boğaziçi Solidarity, by posting under the hashtag #bounogrencinidinle, demands that the practices that cause rights violations be changed. Students’ demands are as follows:

-The submission of the right to a pass/fail grading system,
-Providing the right to leave a course,
-If there is a connection problem in the exams, the exam should be canceled and/or additional time should be given to the student, 
– For the university not to use software that violates the privacy of personal data such as “Proctorio” in exams,
-Students should be able to reach the record of the courses in order to refer back to- Keeping cameras on should not be an obligation for students.

(*) If an exam or course is pass-fail, no mark is given for it, and the students are only told if they have passed or not. With this system, Pass / Fail phrases will not affect the GPA, it will only ensure that the student has passed the course as “successful” or “unsuccessful”.