November 25th: Stop Gender-based Violence on Campus!

Today is November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Women are protesting for an equal, free campus from gender-based violence! They met together on November 25th against all kinds of violence against women and LGBTI+ individuals.

Women university students do not give up the Istanbul Convention, they say #IstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır (İstanbul Convention saves lives).

Women students want effective Support Units against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in universities where students can take initiative. They say NO! to the teachers harassing students and fight with those who remain silent against the perpetrators.

They want equal universities, not universities for women that will lead to deepening inequalities.

Women students do not want to see one more person go missing from their campus’ as they fight for their rights. They won’t give up their living!  #AdlarıAklımızda*


* #AdlarıAklımızda: We keep the names of women in our mind who lost their lives due to male violence.
** We used the sections from the videos of University Women’s Councils, Campus Witches and University Women’s Collectives In our video .