Konya Technical University Students Demand: #KTUNödevİstiyor

Konya Technical University administration decided that the midterms will be held online. In addition, the administration announced that students who cannot access technical equipment can take the exams by applying to the universities or schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in their provinces/districts a week before the exams.

Konya Technical University students oppose the decision of the administration. In the campaign launched under the hashtag #ktunödevistiyor (Konya Technical University students want to do assignments instead of taking exams) on Twitter, it is stated that online exams will cause inequality. Students emphasize the pandemic against the university administration’s offer for the students who cannot access the technical equipment. Students find it inappropriate for the university to offer an option despite the lack of technical equipment and say that getting on public transportation vehicles (for going to the exam location) will be dangerous due to the pandemic.