İstanbul Medeniyet University Students Object: #KamerasızMedeniyet

Istanbul Medeniyet University announced the procedures and principles for the application of the fall midterms. In the announcement, it was required that a camera and a microphone should be opened during the exam. According to the regulation, if the internet connection fails and cannot be restored within three minutes, the exam will be deemed invalid. 

A Social Media Campaign Against The Regulation

Istanbul Medeniyet University students launched a social media campaign against the exam conditions. In protest of the new regulation, students posted their demands under the hashtag #kamerasızmedeniyet (cameras should not be open in Medeniyet University’s online exams) on Twitter. Stating that not everyone has sufficient internet connection, the students want the regulation that imposes a three-minute connection time limit to be changed immediately. Students want university administration to remove the obligation that students use a camera and microphone in the exams,  saying that it violates the right to safety and privacy. 

A Message From  Medical Faculty Students

Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Medicine 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students published a text about their demands regarding distant education and exam rules after the administration’s statements. In the text, it is requested to change the restriction  that students are only allowed three minutes to reconnect in case of internet disconnection and must keep a camera/microphone open during the online exams. In addition, the text includes the requests that students should be given the right to turn back to the previous questions in the exam. Students are frequently disconnected during the online exam as they pass from one question to another, but the exam time does not stop.