Cerrahpaşa Medical Sciences Faculty Students Request: #CerrahpasaOgrencileriYemekIstiyor

Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Medical Sciences Faculty students boycotted the university cafeteria on October 21st. The students assembled in front of the dean’s office while maintaining social distance in line with the Covid-19 measures and made statements about the cafeteria conditions. At the protest, the students emphasized that meals should be of equal quality for staff and students: “We want to eat in humane conditions”.

Cerrahpaşa Medical Sciences Faculty students continue to voice their demands on Twitter. Under the hashtag #CerrahpasaOgrencileriYemekIstiyor (1), students state that they will continue to protest in front of the dean’s office until their demands are met.

Students’ demands from the cafeteria are as follows:

  • To not serve food in plastic containers in the student cafeteria; 
  • Providing hot meals with the same quality and content as the staff cafeteria;
  • Medical students on placement should have free lunch and dinner every day in the staff cafeteria;
  • Providing lunch and dinner under all conditions for all students working or  engaged in internships in various departments of the hospital.

(1) #CerrahpasaOgrencileriYemekIstiyor : Cerrahpaşa Medical Sciences Faculty Students want to have qualified and regular meals in the cafeteria.