University Students Came Together Against Public Transportation Price Hike in İzmir: #90DakikamaDokunma*

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that there would be a rise in the cost of public transportation tickets starting from September 1st, 2020. Following this announcement, protesters called for the removal of price increases with the Twitter  hashtag # 90DakikamaDokunma. 

University students in Izmir also started a campaign: “90 Thousand Signatures for 90 Minutes” The students demonstrated in front of the Karşıyaka Izban Station at 16:00 on Monday, August 31th, 2020, and in front of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at 17:00 as a part of this  campaign. Their slogan is: “The people will not pay the price of the [economic] crisis!”

* #90DakikamaDokunma: Do not touch my 90 minutes (Izmir municipality abolished the practice of enabling passengers unlimited transfers for 90 minutes, on public transportation vehicles.).